the photoshooter's journey from taking to making



EVERY ENCOUNTER WITH NEW YORK floods the senses with a cacophonous collision of sensory overload, each street sporting as many faces as there are cameras to capture them. You can’t hope to officially catalogue the town, but you can flirt with her, flatter her with arrangements of shape and light….because, above all else, the lady loves to have Her picture taken.

A few random glimpses, then, from 2016-2018:

Gift store, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Unisphere, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens

Conservatory Garden, Central Park

Schubert Theatre, Broadway

Columbus Circle

Lobby, Chrysler Building

Lower Manhattan from Frick Museum

Overs and Unders

The Pick-Up Game, Brooklyn

World Globe, New York Daily News Building

Ain’t That America